Not Such Fresh Trails 

I came home from work yesterday feeling totally depleted. It hasn’t been harder than any other day at work although that was preceded by a poor night of sleep.

Then today I got the Facebook memory feed that said a year ago I posted a blog called Running on Empty (yeah me — first time I’ve done a link via my iPhone so hope it works). It’s was very interesting to me that I was feeling the same way a year ago. I had analyzed the why’s and the how’s too counteract it. 

Last year I seriously lacked moderation despite it being my key word for the year. By the end of the year I realized I do very little moderately and a lot of things full tilt.

With this year’s three key words of  creativity, confidence and prosperity my challenge is to figure out why I am out of balance.

I think perhaps it has more to do with the time of year than any particular activities. While the days are getting longer the cumulative lack of sunlight during work hours can hardly be balanced out at the end of the day. This always seems to be a low period for my exercise regimes as well and as I stated in last nights blog I’m feeling like a Butterball. I’ve a few items on my to do list that are weighing a bit heavy on me although I recently completed one of them.

So it’s not really fresh trails or new adventures that are challenging me but rather some of the same issues that drag at my heels regularly. So I submit to myself that I need to use creativity, confidence and prosperity to as tools.


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