Fresh Trails Pond Style 

I’ve wanted to do this since we moved to our big wide open prairie space. It’s crazy that it’s taken 8 years to make it happen. I guess the stars were finally aligned although really it was more of a wind, ice and snow factor that played a role.

Yesterday’s actual event was conceived on a late cold December night, the result of a lot of fun and laughter. 

Pond hockey  = shinny. Although turns out that shinny is not a word in everyone’s vernacular but it’s commonly used here on the prairies.

First up we had to clear the ice surface. No small feat. We don’t have a big gate anymore for the tractor to drive though so it’s all man or woman power. The extra wide shovel sure helped.

Then it was play time! Threw the sticks in and threw them out to make teams. Some wore skates and some didn’t. The ice quality was not as good as we could have wished. It seemed fairly smooth to walk on but it not so much with skates on.

The game had some initial delays because the young dog kept stealing the puck! Ron took them back to the house but the old dog got lost or was trying to find me so then I traipsed back up to the house with her.

There were various skill levels, lots of intensity and some fun times! I have no idea what the score was although I suspect one of the guys would know.  There were lucky shots, fluky stops and the odd fall but no serious injuries.

Then we switched gears and played a game of boccurl. Sort of bocce meets curling meets bad ice meets crazy “rock pots”.  Way harder than it looks or sounds!!

I think the green team won but really we were all winners on this afternoon. Great fellowship with loads of fresh air and sunshine. The exercise was the “icing on the cake”.

Alas the sun was setting, we’d been outside for a few hours and we were getting chilled, hungry and thirsty but what an afternoon. One that I hope we can repeat over the years. Although next time we will try to “flood” the ice with a hole and a pump or a cooler full of hot water with a towel.


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