More ….and Less….

It’s so incredibly easy to fall back into old habits. Truly changing yourself is tough work. I recently participated in a 21 day challenge of no sugar, no starch and no self-doubt. I didn’t strictly adhere to the no starch as sweet potatoes and oatmeal are starches but both are good for you. I radically, and I mean radically, decreased the sugar in my diet. I worked hard on giving up self doubt about my appearance. It all started out so well.


But the old habits creep back in when one is stressed, in pain or tired. Then all of a sudden you are off the band wagon and in the ditch so you pick yourself up, dust off and hop back on the wagon. It’s all about learning what triggers these set backs and realizing that we need to cut ourselves some slack if we fail to achieve all our goals.

The challenge is over and I’m wondering where to go next. No sugar doesn’t really seem sustainable in the long run, nor do I think you have to give it all up. I think that moderation and balance in dietary choices is probably the best long-term solution for a healthy body.

I know that one of the items I was striving to improve was my quantity and quality of sleep she says as she is up blogging at 0030. Yeah exactly. Although there are reasons for being up late tonight and then up early in the am but I’m still chronically short on sleep. I actually am thinking that setting my alarm to go to bed seems as sensible as setting it to get up. I also want to buy an actual alarm clock; maybe even an old-fashioned one as long as it doesn’t tick. I am trying very hard to reduce my phone time, especially in the evening.

The photo above has some good advise; laugh more. One of my fav laughs — my man roaring with laughter over a funny joke or a video he is watching. His laughing always makes me laugh. Daily laughter should go on my agenda along with a daily hug which is why I’m up so late tonight. I’m waiting for my daily hug!

Creating isn’t usually an issue as quilting, baking, writing are all creative outlets. I tend to spend my spare time being creative in some aspect or other. What spare time I have. More fun and more adventures will have to be carved out of some weekends and long weekends. We are already planning those and so the anticipation of those are great.

Less negativity means focusing on the positives and that is a daily strive. So like if the cakes you are baking fail then find a way to make them still look good. Or cut them up into a trifle and start over with new cakes. Long story there about a miss set oven. I’m pretty sure the 1 and the 3 don’t look-alike but I can tell you that cakes do not cook at 175. Live and learn.

I’m ready. Bring on the next 11 months of 2017. Fresh trails here I come. New adventures, laughter, love and good self care.



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