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Dry cold 

“But it’s a dry cold they say” which is true. But spending 6+ hours outside in -29 requires the right clothes, a bit of a crazy mindset and a love for skiing.

But it’s still cold even with all the right clothes. The skis don’t run as well and the body doesn’t seem as pliant as it does at -10. Or perhaps that is just age dropping in for a few runs on the hill. There are no photos from Day 1 as my iPhone and my fingers don’t do pictures at that temp. Plus side was awesome sunshine which doesn’t seem to happen that often at Fernie when I’m there.

The second day was a balmy -15 when we started. There was sun in the am but it clouded over and started snowing which is even better than sunshine to a skier. We’d ventured off the regular hills and hit the slopes at Whitewater, home of the legendary powder highway. Sad to report we didn’t have epic snow conditions but we found some good runs. The food on the other hand was EPIC as had been reported by many. Not your average ski hill food.

Day three we turned south and headed to Red Mountain which seems to be the best kept secret in Canada. Holy smokes the place is huge. It only has 5 lifts but the terrain to ski off of those lifts include 3 separate mountains. We barely touched the surface of runs and we had a fabulous local guide in the form of my cousin’s husband. It is definitely somewhere we want to ski again but perhaps not when it is -19 with a wind. It was pretty darn nippy but again the sun was out for the most part. Makes one very grateful for heated seats and hot tubs.

The dry cold snap continued for a few days after we returned home and then it broke. Crazy thing is it went to a high of 6 and almost all the snow melted. In January. Like really? How totally weird. I am thankful to report that it has snowed off and on for the last three days and things are now white again as they should be. Icing on the cake is that Fernie is getting more snow and we are heading back again soon.

#skimoreworkless is my favourite hashtag for the winter.



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