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Dreaming of Fresh trails 

It’s Canada’s sesquicentennial so it’s time to start dreaming and planning. So often we travel to foreign lands and forget to enjoy our own “back yard”.

Our free National Park pass ( order yours here at Parks Canada Free Pass) arrived in the mail. It’s definitely an incentive to check out a map of parks and plan for a few excursions. Now if money grew on trees and I didn’t have a full time job we’d be off across the country. Reality insists I go to work so we have only a few weekends to enjoy the scenery.

Before even looking at the map we have our big ticket trip destination planned and paid for. We are going to be on Parliament Hill in Ottawa for Canada Day! This has been an item on my list for quite some time and I would have always regretted not going for the 150th. There are two national sites to see in Ottawa and we hope to be able to see Laurier House and spend some time on Rideau Canal.

Closer to home the map shows 6 sites in Saskatchewan and over two dozen in Western Canada. Geography and the allocated time mean a few are automatically off the list. Now which ones to explore is the question.

Grasslands National Park could be hit with a long+ weekend to my home town. If wishes were horses we’d ride the park like friends of ours have done but we would have to settle for a couple of drive/hikes. I’m sure one could spend the whole weekend there but while touring down there we could also do the Big Muddy and climb Castle Mountain on our way across from Ogema. It’s been a couple of decades since we’ve been down there. What did I say about ignoring our own back yard.

Its also been over two decades since we have been up to Prince Albert National Park so that will definitely be on our list. There is a chance we could combine a weekend there with the MS bike event so that would be a win win for sure. I’ve been asked to join the team below and I know it would be a lot of fun and the money raised goes to MS research. Doesn’t get much better than this.

The other four in our home province are all heritage sites which also appeals to us. I’ve wanted to visit Motherwell Homestead for years; ever since I got involved in heritage restoration. Fort Battleford, Batoche and Fort Walsh round out the Saskatchewan sites to see.

Riding Mountain in Manitoba would make a great weekend get away as would Banff, Jasper, Waterton or Yoho. The ultimate would be to do the West Coast Trek this year in the Pacific Rim Park. Alas I know we can’t do them all even if we won the lottery so how to pick.

Forget California dreaming; I’ve got visions of this great country of ours in my head! Plus closer to home, at this very moment, the Milky Way is out in force and the northern lights are blazing across the sky!




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