Year in Review 

I am missing the little scribe monkeys that showed up last year at this time; I guess they are on holidays. Which means, sadly, that I will have to do my own
statistical analysis but it won’t have fireworks like the Word Press one last year did.

I managed to post 147 entries; not too shabby for a busy year. The summer months were pretty light but the series of 31 days of gratitudes, the Haiti expedition, Acts of Remembrance and the Christmas Advent Calendar were some serious blogging. I’be been blessed to have had 4093 visitors but the amazing thing is that there have been 12,338 views of posts I have written. That means the average visitor is sticking around and exploring. This makes my year as does the 79 followers, 226 likes and 241 comments. Well ok loads of those are my responses to those who drop a line but still it’s all pretty darn good. Chances of a mini viral again are slim and I’m not looking for sponsorship; just a chance to write and connect with readers so I would have to say it’s been a good year in that regard.

There were a few posts that performed really well. The top posts, minus one, were all the Haiti trip ones. I really feel like staying up late blogging added to the experience as writing helped me sort the many emotions and I think readers really connected with our mission.  It certainly changed me. I’ve always tried to be focus on the positives and be grateful for where and what I have in my life. Haiti reinforced that in a huge way but man was I challenged on my second day back. The outlier post in amongst the Haiti ones vying for top spot was the one that dealt with my husband being laid off. It caused lots of stress, change and uncertainty. But we’ve learnt that we can’t control all factors of our life. I’m happy I did the advent series as I forgave the person who made the decision to end Ron’s career on campus. As they say all’s well that ends well. 

The year ended with us solvent, healthy and focused on new adventures. 2017 will bring us a granddaughter and so much love it’s hard to imagine. No one really knows what else any given day will bring so take your blessings were you find them. 
Happy New Year and thanks for stopping in to visit. 

Take care.


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