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Final advent act 

I am significantly late posting the final advent calendar activity. The one that said be kind to yourself and enjoy your Christmas Day.

Now my Christmas Day involved being up by 0615 and at work an hour later. 3 emergency operations later we took a break for a pot luck lunch. The rest of the work day was spent doing sorting, organizing and restocking. These are items that there often is no time for in my regular work day so it was nice to be able to do them without rushing.

I was then off to the Christmas Day festivities in progress at my daughter and son in law’s house. Card supremacy was being fought over  and the house smelt like turkey. It was full of warmth, laughter, dogs and my favourite people. As the last to arrive I checked out my stocking to discover my favourite ornament of the last decade and one that I will treasure for a long time.There  was food, loads of goodly food. Family favourites from both sides of the family. There was family traditions like home-made ice cream. There was beer and homemade egg nog but because I was on call I only stole sips of beer here and there which drives my son crazy!

It was quite late when we finally opened presents and there was the usual bedlam. Those that shake and rattle before opening, those that rip and those that fold.

The crown of the evening was the homemade ice cream. This tradition, I’m quite sure,  predates my life time and spans back to my father’s childhood. It has continued down through the decades and judging from how much we all like it, will continue to be a Christmas tradition.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Traditions are part of what make the holidays special as does time spent with family and friends. So better late than never MERRY CHRISTMAS. May the joys of the season live on in your heart.


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