The Kettle Issue 

I tried, honest I did, but alas I was unsuccessful. Which I guess means I failed but perhaps there is another way around the task.

It seems to me that the writer of the christmas kindess advent calendar and I have divergent lifestyles. There were a number of urban items that were challenging for a rural dweller such as myself.

Today’s task seems quite easy; drop the spare change from your wallet into a charity pot. I spent the day from 0700 to 1600 (4:05 for all those nonmedical people who hate the 24 hour clock) at work. I did have a last minute supply run to make but by the time I got to the grocery store at the mall it was closed. Which is awesome for the retail workers and the volunteer manning the Salvation Army kettle but not so good for me. I did get more whipping cream which means ice cream for dessert tomorrow is a go.

I was actually looking forward to getting rid of $16 worth of loonies and toonies. They aren’t light and would be helpful to someone else I am sure.

My back up plan became an online donation to the Salvation Army. I know that the money stays locally and that they have a shelter which is so important on these cold winter nights. But really who donates $16 so a higher more suitable number was used.

Now to enjoy our non traditional evening meal and then trundle off to bed at a decent time. I need to be all bright eyed in the morning to see if Santa arrived before I depart for work.


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