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Random item 

It seems like quite a random item on the list of Christmas kindnesses. I suppose it has the potential to change someone’s life just like kindness does but only if the random draw gets “lucky”.

The task was to buy a lottery ticket and give it away to a stranger, friend or family member. Right off the challenge for me was to buy a ticket. Not a lot of lottery kiosks in my neck of the woods. Fortunately we were attending a Christmas slash farewell party this evening in the city.

Before that I had to get educated in where to buy said ticket and how much money was needed. Turns out there are a ton of options. I just asked for a lucky one! I bet everyone says that line.

My hubs used to buy the same number every week. On occasion I would have to pick them up for him. I’m quite certain that his numbers weren’t particularly rewarding or if they were he never shared!

But who knows; maybe this random act of kindness will have big dividends! I included one in the bon voyage card for our friend. 

I have the other one to my driver, my carpenter, the cook and the laugh provider. Who, of course, is one and the same as my other half.   Perhaps a random act of kindness will change our lives.

There are only two more entries on the #kindnessadventcalendar. So two more sleeps. But if you are a Festivus Day celebratory then happy feats of strengths and good luck with the whole airing of grievances thing. Seems like a grumpy way to spend the day. Me, I think I’ll just go to bed and dream about sugar plums.


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