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Technically it was an epic fail. I did not cheer up, by phoning or visiting, an elderly neighbor or family member who was lonely. That was the advent calendar task today.

We did, on the other hand, provide cheer to friends and neighbors. That definitely goes on the win column. Rather last minute we decided to host a small Christmas gathering. It had been an odd holiday season for us without our two usual events we host. This was low key with just a few friends being available so close to Christmas it self.

The plus side of that was we had a chance to sit and visit with everyone who ventured out. We also kept the simple (except for the egg nog but that’s part of the cheer) so we didn’t spent a huge amount of time preparing. Nor was clean up a huge issue. All these items go in the win.

Perhaps I should have worked harder to creat some time to make a couple of calls. I believe I know a relative or two who will be facing a difficult Christmas this year.

On the other side I am quite certain that our gathering provided cheer to our friends. It certainly did for the two of us. Everyone who attended has been here for us this year as our road rocked a little. It felt good to sit and celebrate the holiday season and our friendships.


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