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No Rants Today

Someone suggested that perhaps a chocolate advent calendar would’ve been way easier. Another person thought a beer calendar was the best plan. But I’m doing the #christmaskindnesscalendar and today’s task was a challenge. 

There were far too many moments where I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying negative things. I sought to find the positive thing out of the negative but sometimes it’s just bloody hard.

The day started with a tough case and the equipment we needed had been sent to another hospital 4 days ago and hadn’t been returned. Really?? We upsized equipment and worked our way through the issue. The wrong X-ray drape in the box — no problem just one more trip in a crazy busy trauma. The steps keep my weight down although they increase the wait for the surgeon. The door won’t open at a reasonable rate despite 10 calls being sent in about it. Well the upside to that is that at least it isn’t swinging shut and hitting me in the head like it did in September.

There are always negatives but we had an awesome team, did some stellar work and worked through the issues. It became a running joke though that we couldn’t say anything negative in our room so what could we say. There was lots of please and thanks and I tried my best to deflect the negative comments of others by changing the subject; sometimes not too subtly!

I truly am thankful that 30+ years later in the Operating Room I still love it. But there are days when the negatives do seem to overwhelm the positives. That sort of day happened exactly two years ago today and I wrote a post called Rant!. I hit publish, days later it went mini viral and I was blissfully unaware until late at night when I came on to see this statistic. Still makes me shake my head that it was read and shared so many times. It is interesting to note that I received no negative comments about it on the blog and only one that was shared along via Facebook. I took the time to thoughtfully rebuttal and actually wrote a second post a few days after the spike in single time readership called Rant Review.img_5036

I’ve also never had a negative repercussion at work and yet a Saskatchewan nurse who spoke out personally about her grandparents care at a senior home is facing serious issues. I’m sure she no longer has any social media in her life which is sad and wrong. If we as nurses can’t stand up, personally or professionally, and say what’s wrong with the system that’s a huge flaw. We are the patients advocate and if we can’t speak up who can. Yes the health region pays our salary but morally and ethically we must do what is correct for each patient. Obviously I am still passionate about providing the best possible nursing care each and every day that I go to work; no matter the circumstances.

The best “negative” of the day was the positive outcome when Ron took leftovers and created an amazing supper with them. I’m never a big pan of leftovers but when transformed like this well worth it! Sorry there are no pictures  as I was too tired and my niece informed me that no one really wants to know what you had for dinner. That’s the negative side of social media. The positive side is how many people you can impact and influence when your posts and blogs become dialogue for the day.

Seriously this center piece is gorgeous just like the friend that gave it to me. There are always positives on every horizon if one can take a second to look. Take for example my 2 cold sores that popped out this afternoon: on an average day I’d be gripping about them but today I am focusing on being thankful for the medication and the ointment that can shorten the swelling, pain and drainage from them. Oops — was that too much information for anyone who’s never had one. Plus they are such minor aliments compared to the friends I have who are literally fighting for their life. 

The last negative mind thought turned positive is that I’m going to bed late again. I solemnly swore at work that I was going to bed on time tonight. I didn’t; just like usual. The plus side I only work 3 days this week before I have 2 off and I truly can get by on 6 hours of sleep. As anyone who reads the blog knows I can even get by on less than that.

So there is my take on being positive all day.




2 thoughts on “No Rants Today

    1. I really feel like reaching out to her/her lawyer to see if a petition would be useful. I also would like to send her a note but I’m sure one doesn’t reach her via social media.


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