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Face Off Ortho Style 

There were some “has beens”, a wannabe and some with skill. There was a huge variety of levels but the common goal was to have fun.

After decades of watching I decided it was time to lace up the skates again. 110% certain that I’m not as good as I once was but it was fun. It seemed like a great idea at the time so it’s nice to know that it was in reality as well. Indeed it was even exciting although our spectators left after taking a few photos for me.

Hockey means gear — tons of gear. There was brand new gear, borrowed gear and loads of seasoned players who looked at ease dawning all this. Unlike coed soccer this sport runs to dual dressing rooms. Two seasoned, one has been and one newbie gearing up. Lots of space on our side.

Program director, aka sports enthusiastic, with the resident whose spunky attitude and zest for  life helped kick-start this idea. She did perhaps manage one of her extra goals on the ice when she tripped/scrunched a certain surgeon!

Number 31 is a ringer but we needed 2 goalies so that’s ok. We did the sticks in the middle to divy up teams. It ended up surprisingly balanced with talent and non talent. I missed the actual tossing of the sticks because “dad” TLo was doing up my skates for me! If I needed help the guys were awesome!

As part of the red team I didn’t get to run into the ortho surgeon whose new-found interest and skills in hockey was the other factor in getting our game on the ice. As an added bonus he kindly donated the ice time as a treat for all of us. He’s actually got a pretty big heart but don’t tell him I said so.

Here I am (# 7 of the Notre Dame Hounds of Wilcox) covering Scott. He knew and I knew that I wasn’t really going to keep him from scoring but he was sweet about me hanging out in front of the net with him.

The pictures don’t show much action at the other end of the ice but it was a 4 – 4 tie. Both goalies did a great job but I’d have to say that the rookie goalie was surprising in his abilities.

The veteran players were so nice to the newbies and the “token old girl” that they usually gave us some space to move if we had the puck. Amazingly enough I helped set up our first goal with a nice pass to the middle so the Kinger could put it away.

There were a few penalties and some shenanigans in the corner but everyone skated away at the time. The biggest collision was probably when husband and wife (on the red team) collided and went down. I also had a collision with the player dressed all in black. He and I couldn’t avoid each other but his other collision had a colleague gunning for him into the boards. All in good fun! The ref was my other half; along to make sure I stayed in one piece? He missed the blatant trip/scrunch mentioned above and Pugh herself, the perpetrator, was calling for a penalty shot. Alas play went on and Andrew was a good sport about it all!

Hm — my buddy Lutzie noted I was still short on skates. I’m awfully surprised it was him that pointed it out and not TLo or the Kinger but I think he has a point!

In soccer the drinking occurs in the lounge with everyone showered and changed. It’s kind of civilized. This was raw and fun. The beers came out as did the scotch bottle (really Cole Scotch at hockey?). I had brought home-made Christmas goodies and those made the rounds as well. That’s probably why the guys let me hang around as I feed them well.

Well now I know why he always signs out his X-ray lead to Dr. Love. He’s a character on or off the ice. He made this amazing trophy for the game. Nothing that a mini keg and tin foil can’t create! We didn’t drink from it but we did drink although one beer appeared to have been more worn than drank!

There were out of shape guys with tired jelly like legs towards the end of the game. The female doc thought there was some chest pain but that might have just been when she got squished! Or so I hope. My legs held out well (thanks my swimming and biking) and the only injury was pregame when I went over backwards from standing still – landed hard on the butt and my helmet. I was pretty quick to jump up but it did rock my head a little! Probably not as much as the last drink of scotch! I promised him no backwash!

It was a great night full of team building with some shenanigans but it was all in good fun.


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