To Give and Receive 

The saying goes that it’s better to give than receive. So today I zipped around work and left notes in assorted places for a variety of people. There are always the unsung workers who don’t get enough day to day recognition. So, on behalf of my advent calendar task, I went around with Christmas note paper and left notes when no one was watching. It was fun. There were a couple of people who figured out it was me but more didn’t so that made it even more fun.

Then, on the receiving end of it, I got notes back. One of the anaesthelogists usually writes a note on the returned narcotics at the end of the day. I’m a big fan of this and always look forward to his words of wisdom. He didn’t disappoint plus it was very pertinent to the awesome work day our team had.

Then on a trek to my manager’s office (for peanuts — I stop in there  eat  I checked out her daily calendar. She was behind in flipping the pages so I helped her catch up and enjoyed these two thoughts as well.

Small daily acts of kindness make the world a kinder place. I’m glad today to have played a small part in that at at my work world.


2 thoughts on “To Give and Receive 

    • bernielynne December 19, 2016 / 7:25 pm

      Thanks for always stopping in to give me a things up! It’s nice to know people appreciate what I write.


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