My biological family would argue that I have no patience. Personally I believe I’ve grown up a bit since I lived with them in the 70’s because that was a really long time ago and I was a youngster. So, as a rule, I’m probably moderately patient or impatient given the situation. Now my husband sees both sides of me so it would be interesting to get his take.

Back to the intent though of today’s post on the #kindnessadventcalendar and that was to give way in traffic or while out.

Traffic was minimal on my routes today. Shops didn’t exist although I went out for a light supper with a friend. I held the door for a couple of people on the way to and from work. That’s probably more gracious with a -35 windchill than letting them go ahead of me on the road. I strongly suspect that the origin of the calendar is a long ways from my rural life and narrow hospital existence. More like M roads in Britain and the tube at rush hour.

I’m interspacing blog posts with shots of the house decorated. All ties in with the Christmas theme. 


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