The List 

I’m been making a list and checking it twice; with an eye on the calendar. I’ve come to conclusion though it has nothing to do with naught or nice but rather work ethic.

I’m actually talking about my “to do list” that I made for the staycation week. My “week off”. There wasn’t a lot of off time in it but there was a variety of activities. I did some long term items, quite a bit of seasonal stuff and some usual must do’s like laundry and cleaning. The big difference for me and this time off was that my guy was home the whole time. That’s quite an adjustment because before Tumultuous Tuesday I would have had Monday to Friday alone. Now his routine is professional development in the am so I pursued whatever was the top priority in the morning. In the afternoon we worked quasi together on a couple of projects.

We also managed loads of bonus quality time. Some good walks, supper with friends and time helping our daughter. The house is looking festive and we managed to make and purchase a couple of items.

The truth is though I didn’t miss work. Occasional thoughts about the people but not about the go-go-go of it.  In a perfect world I’d be out of there tomorrow but seems I don’t buy lottery tickets it’s back to work I go. As I alluded to in The Gateway  things change and so you adjust to those changes. It is, once again, all about perspective and attitude.

During the week off I’ve also been blogging regularly following the #kindnessadventcalendar theme. It’s added a level of kindness to those around me and my self for the holiday season. 

As the week winds down I am pleased with results off the list but I’m also happy that I managed some fun and much kindness. It’s a positive start to the upcoming back to the work week and should leave me feeling rejuvenated  for a while.


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