Switch it up 

First off I did a little switcharoo (spell check hates that word)  but I suspect I should have swapped them up even more. The proposed “task” implied public places and that wasn’t in my scope for today. So I did next Friday this Friday but again it seems almost too easy in concept.

Although perhaps it’s all in the mind-set and I work hard on driving out negative thoughts on an average day. I’m from a line of negative people and so am focused on positive thoughts. 

I suspect it would have been a lot harder on a tough day at work. I spent the morning working on a quilt and the afternoon painting walls while my man and daughter worked on built-in cabinetry.

Part of the evening was spent running errands with a chauffeur so that was all good as gold. No keys to drop or lose and a warm vehicle always waiting by the door.

The other part was supper out with friends which certainly shouldn’t tax positive vibes. It’s such a rare treat to eat out and these friends are super cool. Our choice was a small local restaurant where we’ve always had great food and good service. You know where this is going right?

They do have an odd layout so when I made the reservation I asked for a certain section. The other option was to be cold all night. That didn’t happen so we asked to switch tables. It was still a cold spot but not as cold.

So crisis adverted and on to the food and drink part. They always have a selection of local craft beer so that’s a win win as we are all beer drinkers. The menu is limited but diverse at the same time. Nothing mundane for choices. Decision made and more fellowship time while we waited for our meal. The pork chop was massive and tasty but the spätzle was so salty I actually couldn’t eat it. Like so so salty. Huge dilemma ran through my head as returning food to the kitchen is very negative. So I had Ron try it but he came to the same conclusion. So I sent it back with my apologizes and the second batch was better. Apparently I handled it well and wasn’t too negative. The dessert round also challenged me as I received the eggnog creme brûlée that wasn’t set up as much as the other two. But I couldn’t – once in a meal was the max I could do.

Sometimes the little things can challenge us while the bigger ticket items we can keep our head about us. Life is never boring that’s for sure but finding the positives in your day makes sense of so many levels.

Now excuse me while I go drink more water and hang my advent calendar.


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