The gift that truly keeps on giving 

This seems like the most random item on the Christmas kindness advent calendar. But yet it is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving; year after year.

It’s not the type of gift that you set out to give. Or it is but you don’t want to give it. I have been involved professionally a few times over the years and it’s always touching but sad.

I’m talking about organ donation. You do set out to give it with a signed consent and your familys knowledge but then everything needs to align at the worst time.

My family knows that, if the situation arises, that anything that can be harvested should be and that’s including bone. It seems often that the more obvious items are taken but no consent is included for the bone. I know, first hand, how often orthopedic trauma patients need bone.

It is the ultimate gift but there is one gift from your body that you give before that time. It is something I plan on commencing when I retire but until then I will just hang it. I’m talking about blood. It’s relatively quick, somewhat painless andendlessly reproduced in your own body. It’s a feel good do good.

That is until you faint. But the extenuating circumstances were

  • No sleep after a night shift
  • No breakfast
  • 6 block hike up to the hospital to give blood
  • High heat and humidity level
  • Into air conditioning

It only happened once but it was a good faint. Quite dramatic apparently. Some random stranger drove me home. Don’t recall a lot of other details. One can only hope I rehydrated and consumed some calories. But that’s the odd out story and all my own fault.

I have a wonderful friend who has been giving blood for like decades. She is annoyed now because of some specific age number she has reached that means she has to decrease the frequency. I know sister’s who compete to see who can pump it out faster. I know it’s in us to give. 

Kindness personified.


2 thoughts on “ The gift that truly keeps on giving 

  1. Deirdre December 8, 2016 / 8:22 am

    What’s the deal with bone? Do we get separate consent for it at the time? Is it not presumed as part of the “any tissue”?


    • bernielynne December 11, 2016 / 10:43 am

      At one point it was an “opt” out on the card. It isn’t anymore and is harvested more regularly now which is good. We’ve worked with them on quantity as well so we waste a lot less.


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