Honest – I tried 

I set out with two goals today and they were conflicting ones. The advent calendar task was to help someone out today by running errands for them. My personal goal was not to leave our property today as there was not a single item on the calendar.

In the spirit of kindness and Christmas I reached out to my young colleague who might need a hand as she’s spearheading our fabulous Jingle Bell Jam event on Saturday. She takes on a lot of items so I figured it would help her out if I ran the door prize and the twigs in to her place today. 

Alas she said no. She will zip out with her cohort on Thursday when they are out and about doing errands. Not that my house is in their neighbourhood but she seems intent on a road trip.

Honest I tried but truly I was super happy to stay home today. It was extremely productive. I have the hamper organized for the Congo refuges and the work preserves prize packaged (and 3 cowboy hats — don’t ask cause I don’t know). Cleaned up the attic so I have fabric scraps for an artist and a box of fabric for the Heritage Palliative Quilters (along with my cousin’s slippers) from the left overs of the donations I got for Haiti quilts. 

That makes tomorrow delivery day; errands for myself so to speak. Just a day late😏 with the #christmaskindness.


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