Ho ho ho 

I take a lot of kidding because I’m only vaguely aware of who Sheldon is on The Big Bang Theory. I regularly fail at pop culture quizzes and I am dismal at music trivia. I am, on the other hand, a big CBC follower. That’s my radio station but also my news source and most of my favourite TV shows.

I don’t sit and watch much TV but when I do it’s likely a CBC Comedy like Rick Mercer or This Hour Has 22 Mins or Red Green. I am particularly fond of the RMR.

The intro doesn’t really tie into my #kindnessadventcalendar activities does it? Seems a bit vague considering I was supposed to be kind to myself and laugh.

So today, on day 4, the task was to laugh. I worked with a team today that shared a few laughs. Ok — several laughs were perhaps at my expense but still funny.

Some of my young super fun colleagues have been planning a fabulous Christmas party. Today they convened at work for a few “outtakes” so to speak. A background video with perhaps a couple of skits. I was actually at work but missed that part because I was actually working. If you get the difference. On my afternoon break I had a few minutes to partake in the video making with a rant. Apparently walking backwards filming is a talent that probably needs practise but we just went on the first take basis. Perhaps someday I will share it here but till then I’ll just post a photo of the two masterminds to a good time!

Today’s laughs at work were followed with an entire evening of watching funny Christmas movies. Like the entire evening. Truly chilled out. Now I’m not convinced that it is kind to myself as when I actually stand up to move I may be seized up. On the plus side I rejuvenated my head and heart with laughs and chick flicks.


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