Full Pantry of Life

This seems like the easiest thing to do. One that I used to do regularly when the children were younger and I’m not sure why I got away from the habit. So today, when I did my grocery run for Christmas baking supplies, I bought some extras and dropped them in the food bank bin.

Then I decided I should take it one step further. As a regular listener of CBC I’m familiar with their comfort and joy campaign. It is an organization that we usually do a yearly donation for and despite our change in total earnings I still felt we could put some money straight into the food bank coffers this year so they can buy those items that one doesn’t drop in the bins.

Then, to take it one step further, I’m going to organize a hamper from our garden produce (along with recipes) for a refugee family from Congo. As I stated before a friend is organizing a big Christmas package for them and I’m pleased to share the bounty of our garden with them.

The final food act is quite a bit more specific in terms of actions. I’m doing a preserves basket for our annual Christmas party to be  auctioned off that night for a good cause. I might even include some Christmas baking in there to up the ante a little.

When you are blessed enough to have a bountiful life sharing is also a blessing. So day three has been a success.


PS the work advent calendar’s action for today was to pick up garbage in your neighbourhood. That’s a given anytime we walk the roads around our place.

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