Totally disjointed 

It was like 10 second vignettes strung together of incoherent subjects. Randomly weird shit that made music videos look normal.

It played with my mind so much that I woke up totally disjointed. Almost dizzy from this crazy dream I had. Auto correct just typed in dram — maybe I should of had a dram of whiskey when I woke feeling like this.

You know how you usually can’t keep those images in the front of your mind — they float back to your subconscious and you catch tiny glimpses of them during the day. Never enough to pull out and recreate. Not that time.

  • 3 people on weird floaty yellow rafts out in the waves. They crash on the shore and are naked. It was a sunny day.
  • I wake up late for work so take these short cuts through the city driving the wrong way on a one way street at like 90 km’s per hour in broad bright daylight.
  • In the core at work and hear Michelle screaming from theatre 8 — I can’t get in there because all the carts are pilled in front of the door. It’s dark like usual but the room is on fire.
  • There is a hockey team inside a submarine (?) or a big boat asking me how to get to the ice. It was dark.

You just can’t make this stuff up. It’s all too weird but that’s the stuff that dreams are made of. If you analyzed it there is a thread in every vignette that I can explain but randomly run together it’s just strange.

It might have been a photoless blog as most of those flashes can’t be replicated. Except that the outside of theatre 8 is usually a mess so I could include a picture from my dream. Except the lights were out and the flames could be seen. Michelle seems ok today considering her activities in my dream!


One thought on “Totally disjointed 

  1. MamboJam December 1, 2016 / 4:10 am

    I like hearing about dreams! Cool post Bernie!


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