Soul Mate Update 

A year ago I laid down my thoughts about my Soul Mate and then in the spring I added a section to our life called Tumultuous Tuesday . I then alluded to some of the changes in our life with The Gateway . Now 365 days later one one big factor in our life has changed but it has just enriched my appreciation for my man.

In his work atmosphere he was always in control and used his head well. During the initial lay off  period he kept that same MO. He didn’t rail against it, he didn’t end up angry or disappointed. He moved on, fairly quickly. As I’ve said before it took me longer to let go of the whole process than him and he helped me work through it. Seriously it’s pretty amazing considering how invested he was in his job – spent weekends, evenings and travel trips staying on top of it. Now he’s putting those same kind of commitments into launching something new. He’s so methodical and meticulous that he’s an asset to a team. He’s got vision: whether it be with our projects, politically or professionally. 

We’ve refined our new “normal” and I’m quite liking 

  • Very little grocery shopping 
  • Very little cooking (although at times I miss it)
  • Less housework 
  • Less getting and dealing with snail mail 
  • Less yard work except what I chose to do 
  • No more trips to sarcan

Still working on the laundry and the financials but that will come. I just introduced him to internet banking the other day! Also showed him the correct dryer setting so I’m making headway. 

He still ticks all the boxes off at 58 and for that we are both so grateful. Perhaps we aren’t quite where we planned but we are in this together and as Red Green said “we’ll keep our sticks on the ice” together. 


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