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Blank Slate 

It’s not very often that I have a blank slate ahead of me. There was absolutely nothing on the calendar today. NOT ONE THING!

I got to fill today with what I wanted to. Which started with sleeping in to catch up from a long day at work yesterday. My eyes popped open when the sun cleared the horizon.

The day was mine to fill how I wanted to. No rushing and no deadlines. What an incredible luxury that is. Plus nothing that required me to leave the property unless I chose to do so.

But I am a responsible adult so first I cleaned and defrosted the two big freezers and the fridge little freezer. This then required me to do a ton of dishes after I made the first of two batches of soup. There is always something I pop in the freezer to do later when I have more time. More time always seems like an illusion when you work full time.

I made it through the tough job by knowing I could have some play time today. A load of laundry, main floor vacuumed and floor washed, afor mentioned dishes and soup all disposed of by mid afternoon.

Which then translated to some creative time upstairs with the sun  steaming in. Part way through one baby gift means that I can start planning the next sewing project; another baby gift. I love that part of the artistic process especially when it all comes together nicely, thanks partly to a texting conversation with a young quilter friend.

Any day includes exercise time but often it gets chunked into whatever time frame I have. Today I planned that we would do 5 km in the sunshine. The clouds filtered over a little earlier than I would have liked but the wind wasn’t a factor so it was still a great outing with Ron and the dogs.

We had our traditional Friday night supper of pizza full of home made goodness. Topped off with pumpkin pie from the freezer (the things you find!)

Now the evenings looms before us. I had an option of going to a local artists open house studio event but somehow chilling out in front of the fire watching a funny movie seeming more up my alley today. Or perhaps reading a book or taking a bath or going up to the attic. A blank slate for me to fill.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

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