Scheduled Tour of Duty 

… and in the setting of the sun we will remember them…

Today is Wednesday which for me came before the part that this is day 9 of 11 posts. So as I’m just home from call at the hospital (rather longer day than normal as it started with some pre call call at 05:45 and it’s now 2130) my writing time is gone really. If I’d been organized I would have had one planned for such an occurrence as I do this tour of duty every Wednesday. I did use up my pre planned one when we were away for the weekend. I’m still behind in research on two of the other ones in the draft file.

Truth is that no one probably cares if I miss a day. But it was a goal and I’m a bit goal orientated. While everyone else was reading and dissecting the catastorphy south of the border today I was reading news stories on CBC about Veterans Week. So while this might seem like a cheater post but it is a true story about a veteran and the huge impact he had on the Newfoundland Regiment and Beaumont-Hamel. Read all about Lt. Col Thomas Nangle here at the Background Story of Beaumont Hamel. I do have photos to accompany this post as I’ve been to the battleground and cemeteries. They were extremely moving.

MIA of the Newfoundland Regiment
Historic Sites & Monuments Board of Canada Site in France
Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial
Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial
The trees have regrown but the battleground trenches remain.

11 days — 11 stories

Acts of Remembrance


One day later — Ron and I just watched a CBC documentary called Newfoundand at Armageddon. Compelling.  

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