Pooh (Bear – not the other kind) 

I’ve always had a soft spot for the original bear. The one that A.A. Milne created based on a real live brown bear in a London zoo. The one with Canadian roots. He’s a bit more special to me that the Disney Version and the gopher (who always pops up to say I’m not in the book). Truth is every book is better than any movie.

 I share this link called Pooh’s Lessons on a day that has had some ups and downs. Pooh and his friends give us a reminder of the important things in life. Happy reading. 


An Australian-Canadian Dictionary

Seriously — this blog cracks me up!! The content varies wildly but the writing is so funny. I told her if she can’t make the whole orthopedic surgery thing work out she should do stand up comedy. She would have people rolling in the aisles. It’s heaps funnier than mine (haha — I just wanted to use the word heaps) so “cheers” for now.

Have Bone-Saw, Will Travel

The brainchild of one Jaime Rapko.

I should apologize in advance, because I am an incurable language thief. I remember somebody in highschool once voting against(who does that. seriously) watching Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure “because we’ll have to listen to Deirdre talk like that for three weeks.” It was meant unkindly, but it was true. And if a two-hour film can do that to me, imagine what a year living away will do… I’ve been acquiring interesting turns of phrase from both Ethiopian and Australian English and am choosing to pepper my regular speech with them. I can’t wait to figure out where I’m going next, and what version of English I’ll be ransacking after this… It’s going to get so nobody can figure out where I’m from. Or understand me, probably.

So here you go. A guide to some of the words I’m stealing. And some of…

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