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I’m Back!

And just like that I’m back.  Maybe the touch is a little slower but the intent is the same. The team jersey colour has changed but the camaraderie on the bench and after in the bar is why I go out. 

There are probably several regular readers who will remember that I have bestowed a bit of physical abuse on my body from playing soccer. There are those reading who will shake their head as to why I have returned to the pitch. 

Truth is I’ve missed it. Walking and running  are solitary sports for me because let’s face it the dogs aren’t stellar conversationalists!  Biking is a group activity but without the same kind of team dynamics of “take one for the team”. I’ve missed it but didn’t want to go back into a regular competitive setting. Coed is fun because I play with Ron and our friends but I wanted a bit more. 

So this year when I heard about the 50+ league I definitely was interested. There are only two teams and it’s probably going to get pretty repetitive but if we hang in there this season I bet next year there will be more teams. I’m playing with players I’ve always competed against so it’s a learning curve for me. Well actually the whole team because it’s an amalgamation of a couple of different teams. It’s going to take a few games to gel and that’s ok. We worked out some kinks tonight and then bonded having drinks so it’s all good. With one game every 10 days that should give me enough recovery time. 

Cuz let’s face it I’m getting up there — middle aged and a bit pudgy. That’s why I’ve got to keep motivated to keep moving. The use it or lose it. And hey I look good in blue!