Gifts from the ❤️

I often use the hash tag gifts from the heart and felt that today was the perfect day to do a post about that very thing.
A couple of decades ago I left G400; Labour & Delivery & Postpartum ward. The nurses had a party for me and gave me a cake plate. I use it often and it brings back warm memories of my years there.

This photo also features two other gifts; a wonderful alcohol ink painting done by our talented friend Janice and gifted to Ron and I for our 35th anniversary. Custom colour palette and beautifully crafted. The other gift is a unique one of a kind antique that made our friend Chris think of us when he saw it.

Today it was my turn to give a gift from the heart. I stitched love into two quilts for my young ortho nurse colleagues who also happen to be my friends. I hope, like I do with every baby quilt I make, that they will become their “blankie”. Their favourite that goes to gran’s house or on road trips.

Now the thing about it is that our North American society always focuses on the best; cars, models, houses, grocery produce and the list goes on. “Seconds” are substandard items with issues. Heck there is a move afoot to have blemished vegetables for sale in the store rather than throwing them out. When you grow your own you cut that imperfection out and move on. In a custom created item you often end up with a finished product that isn’t quite exactly how the initial vision was. But does that mean it is substandard or defected or just individualist? But I digress about societies expectations.

If you look hard at the photo above you can see the “mistake” I made. But, and I quote, as far as I’m concerned it’s flawless.”  If you look at the photo above it also has an “error” but I love this thank you note so much because of the whole story.

I believe that the moral of the story is give of your heart. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Whatever the gift love is the most important ingredient.

Side note to the above photo. The mini painting was done by a lady who lives near Aberdeen. She puts her work up at the post office and the post mistress gives it away if someone comments on how much they like it. I fell in love with it. I call it “country road take me home”. It shares a place of honour with my courage willow angel who’s story should be told another day.

Gifts from the ❤️. The best kind.


3 thoughts on “Gifts from the ❤️

    • bernielynne October 24, 2016 / 6:46 pm

      Ah thanks. I’m pretty darn pleased with how they turned out.


  1. Janice October 23, 2016 / 11:26 pm

    And you, my dear, are a friend with a huge heart! and I am so glad you came into our lives!


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