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Grow Your Own

Earlier in the year the level of time and commitment seems intense but then the produce starts rolling in. That takes the busy up to another level as everything is time sensitive but oh the outcome! At this point our freezers (yes we have 2) are bursting at the seams. Our cold storage room shelf almost fell over from the weight (what a disaster that would have been!) and our bar fridge is full to the brim and not with beer.

Endless tomatoes — soup version here

I read this article a couple of weeks ago about how to save money in the grocery store here at Top 5 Grocery Tips. It drew me in because I am frugal although some have called me cheap. I thought they missed the biggest way to save money at the grocery store.

$5 farmer’s market pumpkin; such great taste 

Grow your own. Kind of like roll your own from the 60’s but I suspect some of my readers are too young to remember that but I digress again. Back to the garden. I spent $50.24 on seeds and plants. I have hardly walked down the vegetable aisle at the store since mid July but we have eaten so well. I find the gardening very relaxing and it doesn’t need to be expensive – we water very infrequently and mostly just accept what mother nature gives us. Which are long sunlight days and warm nights which make this a great climate for a garden. It’s great to notice how many community gardens there are getting to be. Several of the “youngster’s” that I work with are very keen to grow and process their own food so that gives me hope that not everyone eats out of  a package or a restaurant. Our son grew herbs this year and our daughter has a plot ready for next year.

Roll your own herbs! Freeze dry or dry and crush for great taste

In 35 years of gardening I’ve learned a few lessons:

  • it’s work but it’s not hard work – it can be intensive at times but hey you are outside in the sunshine so is it work?
  • weeds can appear to win but you will still get produce – I’ve had years since we moved to the country where it is hard to see the row but the plant still produces
  • pruning is over rated – you will still get a crazy amt of tomatoes or beet or whatever even if you don’t prune
  • seed tapes are worth the money because then you don’t have to thin
  • weeds will win — oh wait I said that already. Well accept it, the weeds will win but the garden will prosper under that
  • don’t freeze it all — make sure you enjoy it fresh during the short season
  • the thing that really impacts your garden is the weather and you can’t control that so just learn to roll with the punches

Try it. Start small so you don’t get overwhelmed. Plant your favourite veggies so you will enjoy the fruits oops the veggies of your labour.

Perhaps it seems odd to post about gardening in October but we are still busy doing tomatoes and enjoying the last of the cabbage, kohlrabi, brussel sprouts and corn. We still have months left to enjoy the pototoes, carrots, parnsips (all 3 of those in the cold storage room) beets, kale, raspberries, rhubarb, peas, beans,……. (in the freezers).


3 thoughts on “Grow Your Own

  1. I agree. Garden stuff is so nice. I need your tomato soup recipe. Also what you do with your pumpkins. Please. Great post as usual. My nightly reading. Thanks.


    1. I make pumpkin loaf, muffins, breakfast pumpkin oatmeal, cookies, pies and desserts!!
      I can for sure share the soup recipes. It’s great for mass production. I also have a more intensive work one that is pretty great as well.


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