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Definitely Not Grey 

On cooking shows they talk about depth of flavours. I want to talk about depth of colours.

It’s been 17 days since we’ve had a day of sunshine. 17 days of gray clouds. One visible sunrise and one visible sunset in 17 days. I’m feeling a bit deprived. There is not enough vitamin D in the whole bottle to handle that.

I’ve been doing a lot of walking on the road because of the snow. I find it not as inspiring although it’s definitely easier and faster. So today I decided to go back to the trails despite the snowbanks and wet feet. I wanted to find colour so we did a 3 km meander. It was lovely. It was still dull and gray and cloudy but I found so much colour.

Hundreds of greens, greys and browns. Little hidden gems of orange, pops of red and smidgen of yellow. There was even some purples when I started searching. There was no sunshine, strangely enough no geese although I did hear cranes and an over abundance of noisy coyotes taunting us but it was all good.

Enjoy. Think outside the sunlight colour world; wake up your colour taste buds and search out some inspiration on a dull day.


PS this was 3 hours west of here so maybe tomorrow????? I live optimist when it comes to sunshine. 

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