One of those days 

Do you ever have one of those days where it just seems like not much goes right? Nothing major goes wrong it’s just everything seems all the small stuff becomes frustrating on some level.

Add to that the fact that the sun seems to be permanently stuck behind some heavy cloud and it adds up. That one detail I can’t change at all but the rest I can change my perspective.

I could vent which I did a bit in the locker room after work and in the kitchen at home after the evening upstairs quilting. I could sit on the couch and eat cookies which I am refusing to do.

Instead I’m using cardio to beat out my frustrations and I’m using lessons learned in 31 days of gratitude.

There are so many positives and that’s what I am focusing on.

  • A fulfilling career despite the trials that can be found daily in it. I’m good at what I do and I just have to remember that when the _ _ _ _ hits the fan. There are many times where I feel a titch under appreciated so I must remember that the big picture focuses on the patient and not my ego.
  • Artistic endeavours that stretch my brain; maybe they don’t all turn out perfect but they are gifts from the heart. Working with deadlines and more than one project must be an acquired skill that I’ve yet to master so that adds to the frustration level.
  • Lucky enough to have boughten a new to me machine and now I just need to dig deep for the patience to embrace those challenges that come with learning it.
  • The bounty of our garden is a blessing in a taste, texture, cost and availability. That balances out the fact that some evenings we spend a lot of time processing. Plus side is that we have an awesome kitchen to work in and a great partnership for doing it.

Add to that the fact that I can blog it out. That helps me focus on the positives by writing it down. Perhaps a reader will have this kind of day tomorrow and my post will help them change their perspective. That would be a cool pay it forward.

So have a great day tomorrow but if you don’t try not to sweat the small stuff.


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