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It was miraculous — two rare events colliding within seconds of each other. This created such space for much joy when the day was so young. 

I woke up 2 minutes before my alarm and didn’t hit snooze. Maybe not a miracle to some but it is too me. It’s not like I went to bed at 9 pm so was fully rested by 0605. Nope it was the usual 11:30 oh crap it’s late in better get to bed kind of night. So waking up before the alarm is something that happens so rarely I can hardly remember from one occasion to another. Of course, at my age and with my memory, I can’t seem to recall if we’ve  already boughten our daughter her birthday gift. 

The second event that collided with the first happens more often but I haven’t seen it for over a week. Clear sky people!! Clear sky. A faint pink colour in the east. Oh happy day that there will be sunshine!! I try not to use too many exclamation marks but it’s been a dark cloudy week. I could care less that we have early snow but I do care a lot about sunshine. Of course I’ll be in the dungeon by the time it rises but it is going to happen so I know by break time i’ll be feasting my eyes on sunlight. 

Oh miracle morning!!