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New title 

I’ve been busy, in my head, trying on new titles as soon it’s time for a new role in my life. Although this role doesn’t just affect me. 

It’s comes with a great deal of excitement this new journey of ours but we have some time to prepare for it. 

Our daughter and husband are expecting their first child; a future lead line star. A little girl who will grow up immersed in hockey, horses and being the apple in her parents eye. 

She will be the icing on the cake for us and our hearts will burst with pride at everything she does. We are so blessed to live close and have a goodrelationship with her parents so we know that our place in her life will include sleepovers, play dates and grandma and grandpa rules — like you have to kiss me or hug me for the next story! 

I’m already embarking on a small sewing spree for the nursery and I’m pretty darn excited about that. Our daughter has an amazing decorative style so there will be lots of projects for both Nan and ?? Poppa?? Gran and Gramps? 

Whatever the word we’re going to love the job description!