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Forecast …

Occasionally “they” get it right and whether or not that makes us happy depends on several factors. If it’s more of a good thing we’re all smiles but if it’s at the other end of the spectrum the grumpies appear. 

Life as a meteorologist can’t be an easy one that’s for sure. This week they nailed our forecast which has made for some ugliness. The roads have been a challenge for sure and even walking becomes a lot more work and way muckier (although my phone seems to think that isn’t a word). My least favourite is the howling endless wind; it has reduced visibility for 3 days now. I’d also like to blame it for a 3 day headache but perhaps it’s just a coincidence.

The 4′ drift on the bbq

There is beauty behind it all but you have to look really really hard. I forced myself out the door for a walk and on the way back I grabbed a few good photos. They would have been much more colourful if the sun was shining but we can’t control the weather. Whining about it is a waste of time in my opinion. Much better to accept it and make the best of it. 

Love the colours here ; frozen in place .
The garden hedge still holds onto some colour!
Green plant hanging out under the snow !
Quite the drift on the hill; judge the size from the tub.
Looks like construction had ended for the year😔