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If You Write It…

I met a man. On the Internet. He told his story eloquently through pixels. I started following him. But not literally. He branched out. One day his story exploded. I could relate. It happened to me once with a  Rant!

I was pondering recently whether blogging is like an inner voice writing in a diary or that of a self-centered narcissist. These thoughts occurred to me when I was checking the inside statistics on both my blogs and analyzing about why people stop in or don’t. Also analyzing why I stop in to see the stats and how much or whether it really matters.

In my first review of blogging at Broke those rules  I reflected on several aspects of privacy. I guess I could call this post blogging level 202 with a focus on the readers. Who is stopping in to read about opinions, projects, random ramblings, travel, haikus and photos? Random people, friends, pixel sharing men (and women) and my close circle? The inside dashboard shows me the countries, the number of readers and how they got there; ie. via Facebook, email, Twitter, etc.. It would appear to me that the intro sentence and the photo are a huge draw as is the title; which strangely enough can be difficult to conjure up. I feel that I am not as connected to the reader as I’d like to be as statistics don’t tell the whole story.

I follow a few fellow bloggers and would love a look at some of their inner statistics. My young colleague who was working over in Ethiopia had a tremendous amount of comments per post. Like an insane amount but perhaps that is just jealousy speaking! She is also way funnier than I am.  It feels like pulling teeth to get much in the way of comments on this blog. I find that our blog almost always gets comments; perhaps because people are blown away by how slightly crazy some of our projects are. One of the blogs that I follow has actually stepped into the sponsorship mode and often does reviews or plugs a product. I have no idea how you get that gig but I’d be a pretty good for a paint company!

Speaking of statistics I’m going through a down turn right now because it turns out that if you don’t write readers don’t read it. It’s pretty much that simple. I occasionally have someone wander in and read a swack load of posts all in one day and I figure they either have insomnia or are waiting in the ER and have nothing better to do. Unless I turn up the heat on writing this will be my smallest year yet but do keep in mind that the first year had the mini viral hit and that skewed the numbers in a huge way. The Haiti trip certainly helped with this current year. 2015 was strong strictly based on how often I wrote.

These are some of the jazillion things I think about as I walk. Living in the “now” is vital to my mental health and more important than the phone/internet/camera. They don’t supersede enjoying the present and being engaged in my life. I’m happy to share my perspective and always appreciative when folks stop in to read and connect.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

5 thoughts on “If You Write It…

  1. I enjoy your blog! I can relate when you reflect or dig in deep to find understanding in this world of chaos. I love the pictures! I think you and D are hilarious in your blogs. Never stop.


  2. “Inner diary” versus “self-centred narcissist.” I have that same debate all the time – why am I writing this? Why do I think anyone cares? Half the time I’m probably just venting my frustrations, the rest of the time it’s a letter home that goes into the blog rather than into my mother’s or sister’s email inbox. But I still feel very strange about blogging…


    1. Don’t stop!! I love your blog! Note that you had a staring role in mine. Thanks for the comment — they are usually few and far between.
      I write initially as a house record but I wanted more. I’ve always loved words and after a year of daily haikus(which no one reads when I put them into a blog) I wanted to challenge myself. I learnt loads of new technology and got to play as a wordsmith. I’ll keep at it.
      Thanks again for stopping in eh!!


      1. I know. I felt really special!

        I’ll tell you the secret for how to get comments: you have to not see, call, or email anyone you know for 4-6 months, and send outgoing communication on WordPress only, and bam! Comments everywhere!! 😉


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