I’m conflicted and torn although I suspect in my heart I know the right answer.

There are tons of stories feed to us a day on various assorted social media and news sites. It can be overwhelming to keep abreast with current events, trends and friends. I’m fairly choosy about what I read but when I saw the headline and watched the trailer I was intrigued by the subject matter.

So do I Embrace where I am (go watch the trailer that’s linked with the word) and accept that my BMI puts me in the obese category (alas that I’m just not taller), running is a challenge with the sac of flour I carry around and that I need to buy some new clothes in this size?

Or do I challenge myself to get back to a healthier goal weight which translates to feeling easier in my own body. That means, for a time period, giving up chocolate, beer, cookies and really watching portions. It means steady consistent exercise. It means my favourite clothes will fit me again. It means being accountable to myself. It means actually doing it and not just talking or writing about it.

I tell myself I’m ok because of the following reasons:

  • I’m 57 and on no medications other than the odd Advil and Vit D when I can remember to take it; which truthfully isn’t very often.
  • I’m physically active and can go up 7 full flights of stairs at the hospital without stopping. I can lift heavy rocks or heavy patients and keep on moving.
  • I’m low risk because I walk every day; with the dogs, commuting to and from work plus at work. I bike and swim semi regularly.
  • A few extra pounds is good insulation in case of illness or a wind storm. Hey it’s a true story that I’ve had two patients with broken hips from being knocked over in the wind. This is not happening any time soon to me!
  • We eat healthy; growing our veggies and local sourcing most of our meat. Dining out is an infrequent event and I can say truthfully that we rarely ever eat packaged foods. We both love to cook (perhaps that’s an issue!) and consume what we make.

But is all that justification or excuses? If 25 is ok does that make 50 embraceable? Along with that comes the increased risks of

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Sleep apnea
  • Mobility issues
  • And the list goes on as the weight piles on……

So after an evening that included brownies and beer we took a shadow selfie. We looked like tall slim models but that’s not the reality. Two friends, both overweight. Do we Embrace where we are and ignore what society says we should look like? Do we fight and claw our way back to a healthier body weight? I’ve done this several times and always seem to yoyo which apparently is very hard on your body. Or do we find balance in holding off more pounds while still enjoying our favourite food and beverages?

I suspect that this answer is different for everyone. I have a theory that age plays a factor in several aspects of it but perhaps not. I have a friend, who at 70+, is working hard to lose some extra weight. Ideal body weight doesn’t protect you from cancer or many other debilitating diseases. I had a soccer mate who was thin and she had a heart attack. The factors for illness aren’t always preceded by a certain body weight or type.

I was recently been nominated on Facebook to put three photos up of myself. This was so women would  build up their self esteem rather than tearing it down. My 60+ year old cousin posted three photos of herself. One was on a beach wearing a bikini. This goes beyond my comfort zone of accepting and embracing my body which perhaps is my answer. But does it speak to my own comfort level or what society expects me to look like? More questions with no right answers.



PS If I can find out more about the documentary mentioned above I will be sure to share with everyone where and when it can be seen. The event will probably be followed by a round of beer & brownies!


7 thoughts on “Embrace 

  1. bernielynne October 29, 2016 / 12:26 pm

    There’s a wonderful series of university level courses (the greatcourses.com) -expensive but affordable when on sale ) .Not ‘self help” or just somebody’s opinion, but based on science .
    This particular lecture dealt with the obesity crisis- cited many, many studies with large cohorts. Bottom line: dieting/trying to lose weight deosn’t work. period. Those who lose weight put it back on within 3 years. Conclusion: be fat but FIT. (Strangely, this is advice my husband, a GP , dispensed ferquently, but then he was always ahead of everyone else. Deirdre gets her brains from him.) Keep track of your weight and don’t let it increase. (That’s where portion control comes on, I guess).
    There area lot of other things that can kill you, and stressing out over your body is one of them .
    Your blog is wonderfully varied!


    • bernielynne November 7, 2016 / 9:12 pm

      I totally appreciate your stopping in with this comment. One of my best friends is always impressed with my fitness level considering I am a bit flabby. So she calls me fit but flabby and I’m ok with that. She’s the same age as me and as toned as can be. She is my motivation.
      I have done the yoyo thing with weight for my entire adult life. I get it down to a reasonable spot where I feel and look good. Then boom I end up getting a sports injury and can not seem to get it back off for a year or two. Unfortunately as we age that seems to be how long some of these injuries really take to work there way out of me!
      So I’ll just keep going and try to put into practise some balancing of the chocolate versus the bike or the beer versus the walk.


  2. MamboJam October 3, 2016 / 3:29 pm

    We all need those brownie and beer days for sure! I have the same talks with myself almost monthly. I’m no longer to hard on myself however I’m aware of what I need to do in order to feel good and keep in good health. A balancing act no doubt about it! Another great read!


  3. Jason B. Wall September 11, 2016 / 10:42 am

    I enjoyed your blog and observations. It is a balancing act and you are correct that losing weight has its Pros and Cons. I know that when I lose weight that I feel better and more energetic but have also experienced the Yo-you effect that you mention. I think if you are going to lose weight it has to be a lifestyle choice and not a term project, for me that has happened in the past. I lose the weight for 12 weeks and then throw caution to the wind. I personally believe that as North Americans we love food and love eating food and probably eat way more than is really necessary. I think back to people at the turn of the century who were, for the most part, quite thin and did not eat that much or at least as much as we currently eat. Really do not know what the answer is but took solace in your comments and thoughts as I have them as well. Oh yes, I think to help settle these questions we need you to get over your self consciousness and post that bikini picture! 🙂


    • bernielynne September 11, 2016 / 11:54 am

      Not likely to happen (the bikini pic) but if you go to my other blog I found the one of me painting in a bikini (it’s in the blog post about painting) and I put it up there. Even then I was a little self conscious.
      It’s so nice that you answered; I had lots of comments from females and it is our body image that suffers in media pressure and less so that of the male — or this is how it is perceived. Perhaps that isn’t so and your speaking up broadens the picture so thanks again.
      I agree with the balancing act — the yoyo thing just isn’t good. I think less is probably just a better idea and eating “clean” so food you make. Of course I just made peanut butter cookies but perhaps that isn’t what I mean! It’s certainly where I struggle as I bake lots for my tall skinny man who consumes cookies and ice cream every day — yes every day — so it is a constant temptation in my house.


  4. Janice September 10, 2016 / 8:51 am

    Life is a gift which can be taken away from us in an instant – enjoy each day, in a sensible way by doing something extra that is active, be creative and have something fun to look forward to, be sociable with at least one person, then pay it all forward to someone else! Give hugs and smiles. Your days will be blessed, as mine are by knowing you!


    • bernielynne September 10, 2016 / 10:46 pm

      All wonderful advise. It’s always that balance isn’t it that seems difficult to achieve.
      You just leave the best comments!! Thanks for always stopping in to read!


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