The Joys

Ah the joys of a weekend morning when you awaken and have a few peaceful moments before you rise. First one up is a license to putter quietly enjoying the serenity of no fast forward button to the beginning of a hectic day. Ah that was so NOT my morning today.

The first sentence worked but alas upon entering the main floor is was obvious that a dog had used the inside because the outside wasn’t available. SO I had to kick all four dogs out; fortunately they had spent the night in the tiled back porch because they were wet and mucky from a late night excursion. This meant I only had to clean up the tile and take the dogs mats outside to be hosed off and then to the wash machine. While outside I discovered that my youngest dog looked like he was still “enjoying” spa mud from last night’s bath shall we call it. His entire underbelly was splotches of black goo; private parts included. So once the laundry was in it was down to the big pond for a swim. Ah yes but I forgot to put mosquito spray on. Then said dirty dog decided he didn’t want to swim but the other three were soaking wet. I finally convinced him to go in when the clouds opened up and gave me a nice shower and while this helped with the mosquito issue it didn’t really help me because I was about to get dirtier. Back to the yard and the hose/soap/cloth and 15 minutes of scrubbing to finally rid Lucky of the offending black goo. By now my back is tired, I’m a titch cranky and I haven’t even had a drink of water yet!

You will note there are no pictures at this point of the blog as really who has time to take a picture of mucky dogs and crap all over the porch? I’m working on finding my equilibrium and decide this will make a great blog post about being grateful in the face of crap (literally). It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last time as it is just a reality for dog owners but it is a good test to remind me about how to be grateful.

The plus side was that my wonderful other half had created breakfast, I have a fabulous wash machine that can handle crappy laundry (nice pun hey!) and now I have a clean sweet-smelling dog (until he lays in the mortar run off later in the day).  I’ve got access to a big clean pond for the dogs to swim in and really the mosquitos are pesky but they don’t seem to actually be biting me. I’ve had a morning walk without intense heat although truthfully I don’t mind the heat but think it isn’t best for the old dog Breeze. This also means I have commenced cleaning the house prior to breakfast and the room that is usually last is actually first. It kind of goes along with yesterday’s blender raspberry explosion that meant the ceiling, stainless steel appliances and cupboard doors were all clean before our company arrived. Ah the silver lining in the cloud.

Find it around you, look for it and actually see it. That’s my challenge to myself this week — the week that the sun starts to rise later than my alarm. Wish me luck!!




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