With Golden Light

There is it different sound to the leaves as they rustle in the trees. The sound is crisper and goes with the golden light that late August always seems to bring in the evening as the sun prepares to set. The crickets chirp and the whooping cranes fly overhead. It’s all a signal that fall is approaching, whether we like it or not. The days are still hot but the temperature starts to decrease after sunset and the mornings are crisper.

For me it’s time to review summer jobs and step up that pace to finish them. Planning for fall and winter projects is underway in my head and on the list .  I think it’s time to review my blog post called ??? where I talked about 10 projects in 10 months. Weird thing is I can’t find it but I do know that I didn’t accomplish a single one of those projects as the Team Broken Earth fundraising and quilting rather took over from Sept till our March departure so perhaps this year I will manage a few items on the list.

Tonight I will just close with a few photos of that wonderful evening light and my list of gratitudes:

  • up early and had time for breakfast at home rather than on the commute
  • nice bike ride to and from my parking spot
  • great team work today at work
  • sunshine here and there
  • supper on the stove when I got home late from work
  • peaceful quiet country sounds while working outside this evening
  • freshly mowed grass and a yard that looks stellar
  • time spent connecting this evening to family & friends
  • time connecting via the blog with that “world wide web”





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