Showing Off (in a good way)

It’s always enjoyable to host visitors and show them the best that our piece of Saskatchewan and Saskatoon has to offer. There are the usual iconic spots one must visit but it’s also great to deviate a little and add some unusual jaunts.

Clarkboro Ferry – up close view of the river


Wanuskewin from the valley

The weir & Canadian flag.  Sadly only one pelican was fishing.
Iconic. The Bessborough.

Suffice to say that most international folks don’t touch down in Calgary and then head east.  Their first stop was Drumheller; both the fabulous Tyrell Museum and the  badlands with the hoodoos. I will be doing a much longer blog post about why The Wilde family set out to visit Saskatoon specifically.  It’s going to take a while to do all my research for that so I thought I would do a strictly touristy one of their time here.

They then spent two nights enjoying our vista and all the critters that come with it. We showcased our garden produce and local fish for supper. The second night was a picnic supper at the Forestry Farm Park. The weather wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t stellar either. They wore their “jumpers” a lot of the time which helped with the mosquito issue as well.


I “called” the yearlings over for a visit.
Needless to say Lucky liked his new friend!


Turns out she is also a cat whisperer!

I’ve done a post before about how we grow immune to the beauties in our own area of the world although personally I never grow weary of the  view from our yard/house. Our visitors enjoyed the flora, fauna, birds and the quiet. Our day long sight seeing touched on aboriginal and settler landmarks, trees and the prairies and the beauty of the river valley. All in all it was a great visit.


PS I’ve done 4 posts on two different blogs in 5 days and I am sure that is a record that I will probably not be able to match again for a while. Hoping the pictures all load all right as the house blog photos apparently have some issues.

One thought on “Showing Off (in a good way)

  1. prairieblueeyes August 13, 2016 / 7:12 pm

    Photos are fine this time. Great post!


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