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Simply Mootastic 

This is the artistic pastoral side of having cattle on your property. But you should check out what else they provide and take away.

The grass around my favourite fence is being mowed. The down side is they keep turning the horizontal posts around and are using the posts on the ground as field makers?? I have no idea why they keep moving them. They also keep turning the bench by the big pond upside down. I’ve given up on that one as it seems like a game to them and it’s heavy. 

The year started out quite dry but we’ve as a fair amount of rain in the last 3 weeks. 75% of the cow patties have mushrooms. This could be tasty or deadly and we aren’t sure which so we aren’t going there. There are some super cool looking ones that’s for sure.

Less wild flowers this year but is that because it’s dry or because the yearlings are eating them? I’m not sure but I do miss the colour on the prairie. So when I see new ones I’m all excited. 

Here is the biggest downside. Turns out that yearlings like Saskatoon bushes and berries. They are not clean eaters and are apt to destroy undergrowth as they crash through the bush. There are 19 of them and they have all day to eat while I only have a few hours here and there to pick. The good news is they do not have arms nor hands so can’t get at all the tall ones. 


Shortly after this picture the lead yearling tried to eat out of MY pail! They are very friendly and inquisitive but since the “cow” incident my dogs aren’t reciprocating. Breeze is right by my leg and Lucky gives them a way wider berth than he used to.   

The yearlings are quite content for me to walk through them. This one wasn’t the least phased that I was talking and quite close by. They often came by to watch Ron put the siding on the tractor shed; he felt it was for the “moosic”.  

Now momma cow and baby are quite a different story and we all give each other a wide berth. The calf did come  up to the fence line to check out the cat the other night. 

It’s been a year since we made the decision to employ cattle as lawn mowers of our native prairie. The pluses far outweigh the negatives. The fence line is now part of the landscape. The cattle are a source of entertainment and are earning their “keep” so to speak.