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When helping hurts: Why you should never donate physical goods during a disaster

This is a very interesting read and comes direct from the front line. I felt it was worth sharing as we all want to help. This guy speaks from his heart about what really helps.
Plus he likes blogging, craft beer and people so seems like a good guy! 


Edward McIntyre

As I write this Fort McMurray, Alberta is burning. My twitter and Facebook feeds are full of images of terror and heartbreak, as a wildfire tares through the community and tens of thousands for people (currently estimated at 80,000) are displaced. It breaks my heart and it has me (as with many of you) wondering, how can I help? The reality is that our compassion and zeal to lend a hand can often cause more harm than good. I love how our communities rally and step up to provide in a time of need, please take a moment to consider how you can best direct your efforts.

I have been fortunate to be able to assist on the ground with disaster relief in communities across Alberta including the Slave Lake fire in 2011 and the Calgary floods in 2013, and I’ve learned that cash donations, even small ones, are by far the most effective way to…

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