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 Two Feathers 

I feel a bit like I have been MIA on this blog. I spent several evenings working on the Eaton’s Eager Blog and I’m extremely pleased with the results of tediously bringing it up to date. Strangely enough I even had one blog follower link their way through two years of reading!

I’ve also been enjoying the spring temperatures whether I have been outside for a quick lunch, commuter walks to work or dog walk at home. The amount of sunlight soothes my soul. Which is good as I felt, once again, a bit off balance.

My professional job doesn’t run to easier or slower days so it’s always full tilt ahead every day. Which I do enjoy but at times find a bit tiring. Not sure if it is just that the dark of winter got to me or perhaps the impact of being the primary bread earner at this point.

I’m still adjusting to no chauffeur with door to door service. I’m up significantly ealier and have a morning walk or bike from a parking spot not near campus. Still exploring all my options with regard to parking in the winter months but for now I am  enjoying the walks.

I do get home much earlier and the evening change is quite significant because supper preperations don’t commence at 5:30/6:00 anymore. Eating earlier means more evening to catch up on projects. Which is a good thing because I’m having trouble keeping up to my end of the construction activity going on. Ron is productively spending a portion of his day on our tractor shed. The other half is spent on fall out clean up from Tumultuous Tuesday 

 Seriously slow progress there which keeps it lingering over our heads. I am seriously working hard on Letting Go. Ron has the edge on me here which should relieve everyone that was concerned for his mental health. He’s done some research and will be, at some point, hanging out his own shingle as a Project Manager.

So if that’s transitioning all right then why the off balance I ask myself. Pretty sure the answer is that I have fallen off a couple of key components in my life that I usually dedicate personal time and energy to. I’m not back in exercise mode and it’s no longer an injury reason. Rather that I have become sloth like and can’t seem to pull up my own socks, so to speak. Add to that the fact that I’m a stress eater and well the sloth is definitely in fat mode. Really I ask myself do I want to go there again? Turns out I have to because I’m not happy with either  my fit or my fat. Note there are no pictures here!

I’ve also spent loads of time reading lately which doesn’t sound like a negative. I’ve recently tuned in to three blogs that are quite active and interesting. I’ve gotten hooked on a series of chick flick escape books that I’ve been purchasing on IBooks which is super convenient but too expensive to do as often as I have been. Plus I am a compulsive reader and often stay up too late or don’t do things that are time sensitive because I have my nose in a book. Well not literally as it’s all on my phone which is again not a good thing.

But I’ve spent several years learning to focus on the positives so I’m going to do that right now; in no particular order.

  • The crocuses were amazing this year (thanks to the cows for eating the grass).
  • I’m overweight but healthy. My cardio will return quickly with biking season.
  • I don’t, as a rule, have to spend any time grocery shopping anymore.
  • The days are long and the sun is warm, indeed at times hot.
  • We have many fabulous friends who have reached out in the last few weeks. Thankful for their support.
  • Glasses can be replaced (albeit not cheaply and it would have been better with double coverage) but accidents happen and seems I didn’t set out to drop them out of my work bag I am trying not to best myself up about it.
  • My young colleagues keep me feeling young, old, entertained and valued.
  • Our kids are in good places right now and our mothers are maintaining their health.
  • I love to paint and I’m spending lots of time doing just that.
  • It’s spring and everything is greening up which I absolutely love. We could use rain but we don’t control the weather. The weather is a good lesson in learning to let go and accepting what comes our way.
  • I am now working really hard on staying positive and not beating myself up. I spent 16 hours on planes this weekend and finished my Haiti power point BUT I left my laptop on the second last plane. It’s now been 48+ hours since I have been home and no phone call to say it is located. The flight crew called back to the other plane — it should have been located but I am 99.9% certain I will never see it again. A terribly expensive moment of distraction — plane was late and I had a tight connection. That is definitely a first world problem and the consequence is that I now use the main computer.

On a return from a dog walk we discovered two magpie feathers by our grove of evergreens. Legend has it that two magpies bring joy and that works for me. A week later, in a quiet cool outside lunchtime, two magpies zipped around the Queen’s Garden. I took it as a sign that joy abounds in my life and that balance is restored.


As an aside isn’t it interesting that both those magpie feathers were stuck in the grass pointing north east? 

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