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The day kind of got away from me as I skipped from one project to another but it was actually awesome and quite fulfilling. 

I topped that off by a windy cold sunshiny spring walk where I saw the first purple burst of a crocus.

Then I got sucked in the vortex of two blog sites and spent quite a bit of time restoring the photos that had been turfed due to space constraints on the house one. Then I married the two pages together and did some updating on the sidebars to include various other info. Following this I gave myself a high five for remembering how to do the background stuff. This helped me feel better about my mental capabilities because I needed some serious math help this am on my next big quilt project. It’s a gift so all you can see is the calculation slips.

I started the am off with a Facebook reminder that a year ago I had blogged about friendship. This happened coincidentally about the same time as a friend reached out to say hi. This all occurred while standing in front of the flowers that friends brought out for me last night. I can not share those memory posts but I can link it here;

Friendship Friday

I reviewed it and felt that it was well written and as pertinent today as it was two decades ago or two decades from now.

Which strangely enough leads me to national siblings day and the fact that I spent a bit of time looking at old photos on behalf of myself and my daughter.  Siblings are “just there” but it’s so nice when the connection is a reminder that someone always has your back.

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