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Big Transfer

The plan was that the blog site would be our diary of the journey we have taken, literally and figuratively, with our 1918 Eaton’s Catalogue house. I stopped doing updates on the site about two years ago as the inside compartments had no space for any further pictures. This left us in a bit of a conundrum about what to do with the original content.The time has come and so now we are in the process of transferring our original blog over to WordPress. site. There is 9 years worth of entries and photos there that we are hopeful will be available at by tomorrow evening at this time.

I wish I had paid a bit more attention in the Word Press workshop I went to but I have managed to scrap my way along to keeping this site up to date, with some bells and whistles so to speak. 

I will have to make a decision now about whether I move the blog posts from this site (the one about balance that I have failed to achieve!) that are about the house, yard, outbuildings, etc over to the original house blog. The plus side to this labor intensive activity would be that someday when I take this chronical and create our book it will all be in the same spot. It’s such a fabulous way to timeline what has transpired. The down side, of course, is how labour intensive it is going to be. But that is, as usual, putting the cart before the horse. Let’s just cross our fingers that the big transfer is working behind the scenes right now and when it does we will say a huge thank you to the IT people who can make shit like that happen!


HOLY MOLY — I typed this up, went back to the inside of the other site and VOILA the notification was there that the site was up!!! Sometimes technology is amazing!!

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