Intensely Green  

It’s nice when things come together which sounds like a really lame opening statement. It is though a reflection of our basement project and I must say it feels great to have something working in our favour.

I usually do a starting post about a project and then wait until we are finished so I can do the reveal so it’s “dramatic”. Not this time as I want to share how this is shaping up.  It seems for us that this fireplace has been a fairly quick project as often we have items that take a couple of years from start to finish (or more I know). In review, just since January,  we started with the concept in Look what’s burning! Then before I left for Haiti I filed The Heat is On and then followed up with the Catch Up Post that showed progress. Now we are on to the next step and this is why I feel inclined to share because it is exciting news.

At the end of the last fireplace post I talked about what the wall colour would be and the search for tile. I am amazed to report that we found our tile; it has depth and intensity and a great pop of colour that we wanted. We had a concept in our mind, based on what old fireplace surrounds looked like, and thought it was going to be hard to find something. There are basically no salvage places here in Saskatoon and we didn’t want a modern looking tile. Apparently it is fairly expensive, as tile goes,  but we only need like 18 square feet so it shouldn’t break the bank and if it does I’ll just pick up some extra call shifts. I really want this tile. Wait till you see the photos below, which I am sure don’t really do it justice, as photos are never as good as in person. The green is perfect with the carpet, the rusty stripes pair really well with the ceiling tile colour and the random aspect gives it such a lovely dimension.

So that lead us to a wall colour and we easily reached consensus on which one to go for. That means that tomorrow after work I will pick up paint and then hopefully on Thursday I can knock off the 3 sides of the wall. In the meantime Ron will order the tile and then build up the tile wall that needs to fit between the fireplace surround and the mantle.

The mantle is the other part of the puzzle that is also falling into place. In the last post I talked about removing the black spray paint and wondered how it was going to go. It has gone surprising well. I have spent about 6 hours in total and am more than half way complete. As per my usual I started with the easy which was the vertical posts. These are now 100% complete now that I have “our” tools back from my friend’s house. Then I moved on to the mantle itself and again started with easy which was the top. Then I worked up to doing some of the moulding vertical lines. I followed that up with a start on the relief carvings. I am using a combination of rasps, scrappers, sand paper, chemical stripper and patience. The wood is very soft (maybe ash Ron thinks) and I have to be hyper vigilant about not gouging it. I am hopeful that with one more nice weekend I should have the top complete and the whole thing ready to be stained.

It is important to remember the blessings in our lives and the way Ron and I work together is certainly one of those.  At the end of this winter we will feel like we have accomplished something off of our master list. The success from this will energize us to go forth and create another rock wall. Yes I’m sorry folks but I will be blogging about yet another rock wall this year when we commence side two. But I am getting ahead of myself; something I am prone to doing. We still have some inside time with how spring happens here in the prairies so we will finish strong.

This still isn’t the post I thought I was going to write but everything in due time I guess. Maybe next Tuesday.


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