The Heat is on

I’m pretty pumped to be able to post these photos and sit by the heat! No it’s not Haiti heat yet  but rather our gas fireplace, which is so lovely on a dark cold winter evening or some rainy spring day when we come in from outside chilled.

Love the shape & details on this fireplace!

An update to the last post about fireplace options is in order. We were not able to reuse the salvaged fireplace inset as it was too big. It will eventually be put into the outside fireplace/pizza oven. So it meant we had a full choice of the various lines available.  I love the black matte finish and the shape plus all the detail work.  Up close and personal it is a brick interior with logs which is a very traditional look.

A flick of the control & we have flames with heat!

Now we can get to work on the design elements. I’ve been out looking for the tiles but we have a specific concept in our head and it may take a while to actually source those. Mean while Ron has been measuring and designing the wall and how it interfaces with the ceiling tiles. It’s awesome that he can free hand draft like he can. I am hoping that he will get the frame built while I am away in Haiti.

Icky quality photo but you get the drift
It’s not fancy yet but I can see the final product in my head!

In the meantime I have pulled up a chair to enjoy the flames by.  In the late evenings when I am having some down time with my lap top I come down here and escape the news.  It does lack the smell and crackle of a wood fire but seems that wasn’t an option available to put into our old house I will take this and be happy we made it work. It will take a couple more winters before we have the space completed but this is a great starting point.

This will be the last winter project update I suspect as the snow is melting and soon we will turn our attention back to the outbuilding and the rock walls. We are gearing up for a full summer of construction fun, which is maybe why we need so much down time in the winters!

The next blog update will be done from Haiti so stay tuned, if interested, for news about our Haiti medical mission on behalf of Team Broken Earth. We are off to a fabulous start with a huge contingent (28) that has over shot our fund-raising goals.  It seems hard to say what the reality of our week will be like but I just found out that we will be actively documented by a video photographer who has a special interest in Haiti so I will be lucky enough to share some of his photos and videos here on the blog.


PS and yes we will be smart and stay safe.

2 thoughts on “The Heat is on

  1. Janice March 11, 2016 / 3:42 pm

    I am so thrilled for you and all of your group as you embark on Team Broken Earth in Haiti! Such a big part of anyone’s legacy should be giving back, and making a positive impact on another person’s life – and you are doing that in spades! Bravo!


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