A Thorn in my Side

Well actually it feels like I have two thorns in my side and I think it’s time to remove them! There are times when things get harder and you have to walk away for a little while so last night I read a book. Like the whole book. I really had just wanted to make sure I had the passwords and could upload a book to Ibooks and that it would be both on my laptop and my iPhone but then I started reading and well that’s the end of what I did last night.

So today I have been facing the two items I must get ticked off my list before Friday’s departure for Haiti. I promised myself not to digress and stay focused. So as the evening ends I have completed one of the items on my list; it’s a professional responsibility and it feels good to have that item ready to submit. When I sat down to write it two days ago the words wouldn’t flow but tonight it all clicked.

I have figured out how to commence on the biggest thorn and that is at least a start. Remember I talked about the steep learning curve that Pretty Penny was going to provide to me? Well yes she is. I have completed one baby quilt for Haiti that I had earmarked for free motion quilting. It got off to a rocky start but with a little advise and some different thread I was off to the races. Which just left me the big twin one to complete and I was super pumped to be so close to the finish lines; the end of the long line of Haiti quilts. But alas Penny had different ideas. A little test patch and away I went. It was all smooth sailing and I was quite happy with how things were turning out until I ran out of bobbin thread. I was never able to get the free motion working and ended up, after mega tries of different things, throwing it all down in frustration and going for a late night walk. My other half suggested it didn’t need to be completed but I am far too goal orientated to leave it here uncompleted to stare at me in the face and make me feel like a failure. So to heck with free motion quilting. I will do basic diagonal lines on the 2/3 of the quilt that is not complete.  I believe if I get up at a decent time I will complete that and the binding in a couple of hours on Friday morning so cross your fingers for me.

In the meantime I spent some time tonight packing as everyone keeps asking “are you packed” and I wasn’t; which isn’t unusual as it is usually a last minute thing for me. But somehow this is a different trip and I needed to feel more organized. So tonight I picked up Bag 9; weighing in at 49 lbs and it’s dual packing list. I then came home with the extra bag of medical supplies that needed space in my personal luggage and added that to 4 (soon to be 5) quilts, my old work shoes, a few sets of work clothes and some personal snacks and I felt so much better. I haven’t weighted it yet so hoping it is going to also be under the magic number.

So I hit the bed thinking it was all good and my mind could let go now as I had resolved my issues. But then I laid there for an hour before deciding perhaps I would get up and write to clear my mind. It makes for a boring post with no pictures but that’s life.  So now I will go read a book till I fall asleep — not likely being a compulsive reader and I promised myself I wouldn’t start any books until I was on the plane. I think perhaps a shower is in order; that won’t be an option if insomnia strikes in Haiti but that’s a whole another story.


D – 1 

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