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Running on Empty….

It would certainly be a surprise to most everyone if I did a blog post about music. The title certainly makes it look that way but in reality it is a post about feeling a bit drained. I did add the link to the famous song by Jackson Browne’s Running on Empty so that you could refresh yourself with it. I only had the first line running through my head yesterday as I lay exhausted on the couch and thought about doing a blog post regarding recharging my batteries.

Ron is away and that usually signals time to gather the girlfriends around for weekend which involves some laughs & good food while  we sew, scrap book, drink, take walks and be creative. It just wasn’t in the cards as the last few weeks seem to have taken a toll on me. It was quite interesting that while catching up on one of my favourite blogs last week I read about Trauma Doc “guilt versus rest” weekend. I really identified with it, I guess because I am also a Type A let’s go do it kind of person. Doing nothing seems unproductive and wasteful. My down time that regenerates me is usually still active time; walking the dogs, being creative with words or fabric or connecting with friends.

So the problem perhaps, in the last few weeks, has been that my down time has had a few issues. By the time I walk on my sore foot/ankle for 8 hours a day at work the dog walk becomes one more item “to do” and less about enjoyment than usual. I have had to stick to the road as crashing around in the snow isn’t fun but the road walks aren’t as inspiring. I have thoroughly enjoyed the fact that I’m walking in daylight and that the temperatures have been amazing but still it’s been a chore some days. I am hopeful, once again, that my ankle/foot is on the mend finally.

The other issue is the press to be creative with specifics in a deadline which is exacerbated by having several projects on the go at one time. I actually stayed downstairs doing financial updates longer than necessary one day as I couldn’t face the piles upstairs in the creative space. I have spent long hours working on several different projects and most of them are nearing completion. I am happy to report that as of Tuesday night only the fun little baby quilt will be left on the list of projects to tackle. Which will be a huge relief and then it won’t seem like tackle but rather like look what I get to do!

It seems to me that perhaps I have strayed off my word for the year. Moderation seems to have been missing and perhaps that includes adding some more down time to my life; in moderate amounts. It isn’t often that I feel drained and tired so cutting myself some “slack” and reading a book or watching TV might be necessary every once in a while.

It is also a reminder that I need to look at the big calendar picture as a lot of my rejuvenation time occurs on a weekend. Weekends at home have been rare in the last 6 weeks for a variety of reasons and I think that is perhaps how I ended up depleted.

So I filled my weekend with me time and added in things I love like flowers, candle light, no TV and a book for company. I can also tell you that sleeping long and hard added to waking up naturally to the sun streaming in the window was the start of a rejuvenation process for me. Then I added in some must do’s with some fun do’s and the day has rebalanced me. It probably helped that it was a stellar day outside so I went for a slow long snow walk and then spent an hour feeding the fire with deadfall and the cut up Christmas tree while sipping an ice cold beer.

My intention was not to leave our property for the weekend but this evening I did attend a local community group meeting at a nearby church. This wasn’t planned ahead of time, in fact I only heard about it at 5:50 so it did add a bit of rush to my day which was something I was trying not to do but I felt that it was probably necessary to go as our area is facing some major changes. It did mean that pretty Penny and I didn’t have a chance to get as well acquainted as I would have liked but there is still tomorrow.

I’m pretty happy that weekends have two days and that tomorrow I can continue to feed my soul. In the meantime I am closing this post with another video. This has been shared to me four times in the past few days by people who thought I would enjoy it and I have used it as another regeneration tool Cathy Graham’s Saskatchewan  because for me it’s part of what makes my life balanced.



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