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We Can’t Imagine 

We can’t actually imagine life in Haiti. We are having trouble visualizing one week there. The violence and health issues that face the general population daily must be so overwhelming that they become debilitating. Add to that the poverty, the food shortages as they face year four of a serious drought and the lack of basics like housing and education. Then an earthquake of the magnitude that hit there and it becomes something that is so beyond our realm of reality.

Most of those that regularly read my blog are from Canada with a few Brits, Kiwis, Aussies & Yanks  thrown in the mix. Our backgrounds all have a basis in universal taxes that pay for most of our personal infrastructural needs like education, water and health care. We expect to live comfortably until  a ripe old age. Natural disasters and large scale violence are rare. Our countries economical outlooks are such that even in a drought we have access to food. I do recognize that this is a generalization and that there are marginalized citizens in all of the countries listed above but I would wager that the percentage in our population who live “off the edge” is significantly lower than the percentage in Haiti or Syria or any other war torn or natural disaster hit country.

Back in our current reality as we commence our final team packing we are still sorting and organizing what we will really need. Which truthfully, despite contacting other teams and Bernard Mews Hospital, we don’t really know. Partially because we don’t know who our patients will be and what they are going to require of us. We are preparing for the worst or are we? Truthfully we just don’t know what will come through the gates of the compound.  So at this point we will make do with what we have and provide to the best of our ability.

We’ve been given the green light on the mission and at this point in time we are prepaying for our final countdown. 28 big team bags are packed, the rest of the supplies will get tucked in our personal bags. There is one thing we do know and that’s our returning luggage will be significantly lighter than our departure bags.


packing & inventory


more packing and decisions


wow – that’s a lot of luggage!

So the reality is we don’t know how much or what we will be doing but we do know that we are preparing to help ones,outside of our usualscope of life.

So it’s T minus 11 at this point. I intend to blog very regularly while away so stay tuned for lots of upcoming posts.



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