In the dark 

Right now it feels like there are more questions than answers especially considering we are at T – 40. Our thirst for knowledge spans from the bigger global picture to the minute details of what biological strip indicators the autoclaves need.  Like Santa we are all creating the list and checking it twice; perhaps three times as we are all mostly on the OCD side of life. Our sources of information are gleaned from the Travax website, the Canadian Consulate in Haiti, the RCMP in Haiti (who knew that they were there??) , the Calgary team that just returned a couple of weeks ago and the staff on the ground at Bernard Mews Hospital in Port-Au-Prince. There is lots of reading and emailing that is occurring as we build up to the final days before our departure.

We know one thing for certain. We have reached our fundraising goal and indeed surpassed it so that is an auspious start to the adventure. The team members are all confirmed and the travel arrangements are in place. It’s a milk run on the way down but hey now I can say I’ve been to Vegas but there will be no time to leave spare change on the strip.

We have our final packing event coming up in 8 days. We have been in contact with nursing staff in Calgary and in Haiti so hopefully that will help us be prepared with our equipment and supplies. It’s the little things about the daily work in the OR that we are unsure about. The big picture remains with the altruistic goal to go and help those that need help but the little picture is do we need wraps for our equipment to be sterilized and is 150 gowns enough. Those are just some of the many many questions we are all coping with as it relates to our field of expertise. There are orthopaedic, internal medicine, plastic surgeon, physio therapy , anaesthesiology, ER and PACU questions to mention just a few of the disciplines that feel, in some ways unprepared. I’ve been reading the blog posts for years but those deal with how it feels and not the actual practical “where do I get my drinking water from” type of thoughts. So we are ready and yet we are unprepared if you sense the drift of what I mean.

I’ve also been focusing on my own list which includes getting all these quilts picked up, finished and ready to go. I am definitely going to achieve my goal of one quilt per team member plus perhaps a few spare so it will depend on space what we can handle. We also received an excellent gift yesterday of 10 home made diapers, 10 little boys shorts (I intend to add 10 little t-shirts to that pile) and 30 little dresses (but alas I think we will only be able to take 10 this time). Also in those bags were 5 quilts and a small afghan. This particular volunteer spent time in Haiti decades ago and has never forgotten her experience there nor the people in need so she was very generous with her time and supplies. At this moment in time a fair bit of my time after work next week will be spent spinning around the city picking up the the generous offerings that my quilting friends have created.

 My personal list included my immunization shots which I received yesterday. I have created my packing list and am working on my electronics. My Kindle is dead and I would like to be able to read on the flight so I’ve been doing research about how to revive it. Or perhaps I will use IBooks. I’ve also been working on uploading the West Jet app but that isn’t going well at all as I’m not interested in watching a movie on my phone as my eyes would be so tired. I still have a few personal items to track down and organize like summer pajamas for a coed sleep environment. 

The gist of this post is that we are in the dark at this moment in time and  must just move forward as if it is full steam ahead; hopeful that we will be able to provide care for those that need our assistance. 



2 thoughts on “In the dark 

  1. Helen Johnson February 21, 2016 / 3:04 pm

    You and your entire group are amazing and we quilters are simply delighted to be able to help in a very small way. Have an amazing trip!


  2. morganmg78 February 21, 2016 / 7:39 am

    Best of luck on this adventure Bernie! Such a great cause, good for you!


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