Modicum of Moderation

At this point in time the word of the year has not been very visible in my life. I have lacked moderation in significant aspects.

I am regularly on call Wednesday from 1600 to 2400 and it is usually just an hour or so at the end of the day shift. In three weeks of call I picked up enough hours to bank time for my entire week of “vacation time” for Haiti. Which was a good thing as I run out of holiday time and with year end not being until March 31st I did not want to go into next year’s vacation hours. So the silver lining is that but the reality is that I have been running on not quite enough hours of sleep and sore feet for a couple of weeks.

Add to that our ongoing and enthusiastic support of our daughter’s new venture and the hours we have spent assisting her in setting up her new business. We have been building furnishings, painting walls and staining items plus assorted other tasks as she needs us to do. We have tried to give her an evening a week plus some time on the weekend. We are very pleased to support her as she takes her passion and a leap of faith in opening an equine apparel boutique retail experience but it has cut into a bit of balance.

I have attempted, diligently, to work on moderation in my dietary consumption. I have cut back on alcohol so that it is just a special occasion event. I have decreased my chocolate consumption by about 75% but there has been no progress really in the weight loss department. I use moderation in serving sizes but it hasn’t been helping. I am not sure what and why it is so hard but here I sit without much progress 6 weeks into the year with a lot of moderation being applied.

Someone recently quoted to me that your weight is a reflection of what you eat and that is true. Your cardiac fitness is a refection of your exercise level. I have been doing better at one of these items in that,  until Friday evening, I have had some good cardio every day so far this year. I have been snow shoeing, walking, biking (endless nowheres in the basement) and some swimming. So that is all on the plus side but then I twisted my ankle. I am so happy that my third fall of the season didn’t amount to anything super serious and I will be back in the fitness grove soon.

I have been spending more than a  modicum of time quilting and organizing quilts. I a going to achieve the goal of 28 quilts to Haiti which is  one for each team member to take to the orphanage. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of quilters, many of whom I do not know. I have a few personal projects that I need to find some time for in late March and early April before construction season starts again.

We have been making tiny tiny steps of progress in the basement. We have now received and are  reviewing the quote for the fireplace. I talked about it in Fireplace Blog and we have subsequently decided to go with the smaller of the two mantels. I am hoping to get started on the stripping of this in early April as this work is far easier done outside than inside. In the meantime we have also reached a decision about the stairs so maybe I will start them. I am also still working on the picture framing project for the upstairs bedroom and would like to finish that.

It seems to me that somehow the light is lasting longer but I am finding the evenings shorter and not accomplishing as much as most winters. It always takes us a while to recover from the summer of construction but somehow this year I don’t seem to be rolling in momentum or perhaps I have too many little projects on the go? I do know that the Haiti trip has consumed a fair bit of time so I guess I should factor that into the equation.

The title is very apt as a modicum is a small amount and that’s about all I have achieved. Life is full, busy and good. I will continue to strive for moderation in the items that require it and live life to the fullest where it doesn’t. Maybe that’s what it is all about.


PS Lucky was having a blast that walk — running circles around my favourite picture taking spot. The sky was full of all these amazing blue colours and the snow was crunchy underfoot. It wasn’t a spectacular moment but it was one of those “I love my life” moments and maybe that is more important.

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